H.I.T Corp. DBA Houston International Trading has been an industry
leader in Garden Items; designing, manufacturing and importing for over
8 years.  Located in Houston, Texas.

Our product line is top quality garden and home utility/decor items that
are as functional as they are decorative.  We use first grade heavy gauge
galvanized steel for all our products.  All enameled items are electro
static, baked on enamel over galvanized steel, which provides durability
and a high gloss finish.

Our product line includes a large selection of metal watering cans,
planters, vases, hose holders, beverage tubs, modular gardens, storage
containers, trash cans, pet food and supply containers; as well as a wide
variety of galvanized containers for farm use.

We provide the highest quality, detailed metal craftsmanship available in
today’s marketplace. All our
products are functional yet beautiful, for
the treasured homes and
gardens of today.  

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